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>> More than 300 000 BMW M cars were produced since the legendary M1 has appeared in 1978 on the road. Here are all the BMW M cars types listed:
car max. speed power in hp years in production code

 number   produced



M1 262 km/h (163 mph) 273; straight 6 engine July 1978-Febr. 1981 E26


  designed by Giorgetto Giugaro - Italdesign, the idea was that the car would be made for BMW by Lamborghini, finally BMW produced the car
M1 Procar 311 k/h (193 mph) 470 1979-1981 E26 56 last 8 cars were produced at the beginning of 1981; approx. price was $60 000,-
533i Motorsport/


213 km/h 200, inline 6 cyl. 1976-1978 E12 ca. 200, some exported to the US and South Africa 3,2 L. engine, drivetrain from E24 635 CSi, marked as 533i
M535i /E12 219 km/h (130 mph) 218; inline 6 cyl.; 5 speed April 1980-May 1981 E12

 1410 (960 LHD, 450 RHD)

  initial price has been 43 535 DM; UK price (1981): £13,745
M535i /E28 230 km/h (143 mph) 218 August 1984-June 1987 E28 9483   Introduced at the 1984 Paris Salon de de L'Auto; never imported to the US where the 535is has been sold (535i with spoilers); in South Africa the M535i has been sold without body panels
M5 /E28 252 km/h (156 mph) 286 October 1984 - November 1987 E28 2180 (1236 US cars, 192 Canadian cars)   first shown at the 1985 Amsterdam Auto RAI Show, at first only 500 cars were to be made, BMW got sued by the US buyers when more cars were produced, all US and Canada cars were Diamond Black
M635 CSi 255 km/h    0-100km/h: 6,5 sec. 286; inline 6 cyl. April 1984 -Febr. 1989 E24

total of M635 CSi produced (includes M6 US cars):  5855

  initial price has been: 89 500 DM; a cabrio version exists
M6 US   256 1987 - 1989 E24 1767   catalyzed version of M635 CSi for the US market
M3/E30 first generation M3 236 km/h-146 mph; later: 248km/h from 195 up to 235 hp; 4 cyl. 16 valve May 1986-1991 E30

total E30 M3: 19016; first edition: 8661

  so called  Europa model; produced in three consecutive versions, until today one of the most cherished M cars; initial price 59 800 DM
M3 Sport Evolution; so called Evo1 241 km/h 215 hp from March 1988 E30 505  
M3 Evolution II     March-May 1988 E30


M3 US Version   195 hp March 1987-December 1990 E30 5300 made/ 5004 sold in the Us ; the rest in Canada? additional orange marker lights on bumpers
M3 Cabrio 239 km/h at first 200 hp non catalyst engine; Oct '88 - May 1989 - 195 hp catalyst engine , after a pause ( from March 1990): 215 hp catalyst from May 1988 - July 1991 E30


its price was 93 250 DM

produced at BMW Motorsport plant at Garching (Bavaria) known for research and science institutions

soft top assisted by hydraulic system

M3 Europa late model 248 km/h 235   E30


M3 Europameister  Edition   215 hp Oct.-Nov. 1988 E30 148 Macao Blue metallic; signed by Roberto Ravaglia
 M3 Tour De Corse   280 hp   E30 50 cars made for BMW France Diamond Black with big white rally  decorations, on the picture Rothmans car
M3-DTM Race Car 290 km/h/180 mph   1986-1991 E30

racing version individually customized

 winner Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, European and World Touring Car Championship (1987),  Guia Race - Macau, 24 Hours Nürburgring, Spa 24 Hours; sometimes wrongly called M3-R: M-3R parts as spoilers and shocks are still on the market
M3 Johnny Cecotto Edition   215 hp (211hp  for Switzerland) April 1989 E30

480 (including 50 Cecotto Switzerland)

Misano Red, Nogaro Silver metallic, Macao Blue metallic with accents in opposite color, with Cecotto signature;

double blade rear spoiler; cam cover and engine plenum painted in the car color

M3 Roberto Ravaglia Edition   215 hp   E30

25 cars for the UK market*

*/some people suggest that there were actually 52 cars made

sometimes seen as Cecotto Edition variation because it is indentical - Misano  Red, always RHD and always with Ravaglia signature on a plaque
M3 Sport Evolution III 248 km/h 238 hp from Jan. 1990 - March 1990

some sources: the production started in Dec. 1989


600 (including 51 for UK)

Brilliant Red,
Jet Black; its price was 95 000 DM; special interior features, illuminated gear knob
M5 /second generation M5  

250 km/h (155mph; limited)


315; later 340; inline 6 cyl., 24 valves Jan. 1988-1995 E34

11 098 in several versions

early version had 3,6 l. engine, from March 1992: 3,8;  initial price was 101 800 DM, after March 1992: 120 000 DM
M5 Cecotto Edition     1991 E34


Lagoon Green metallic, Mauritius Blue metallic
M5 Winkelhock Edition 1991 E34 51 Jet Black with Sterling Silver lower body panels
M5 touring 250 km/h (155mph; limited) Sept.1991-1995 E34


only one RHD car is known in the UK
М5 Naghi Motors Edition   318 hp March-April 1992 E34

15 ( 10 cars in Alpine White, 5 other colors)

made for Saudi Arabia's BMW dealer Mohammed Yousuf Naghi: with M tri-color stripes on the front driver-side edge of the hood and a red leather steering wheel
M5 20 Jahre Motorsport Edition     October 1992 E34


only in Mugello Red with black lower body panels
M5 US 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   1991 - March 1993 E34

1678 in three versions, all with 3,6 engine

no 3,8s were exported to the US as this engine has not been homologued in the States;
M5 South Africa     1990-1992   265 RHD sedan; partly assembled in South Africa
M 540i 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   1992-1995 (one 540i car has been made in 1996) E34   only for Canada, with carbon fiber trim, Cosmos Black or Daytona Violet
М5 Final Evolution 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   1994-1995 E34


six speed gearbox, 3,8 l motor
M5 UK Limited Edition 250 km/h (155mph; limited) March-June 1995 E34

ca. 50

Orinoco Green metallic (15 cars, on the picture car 35/50), Rosso Red metallic (ca.35 cars); a number plaque placed on a central console
M5 Elekta 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 350 on the market: June-July 1995 E34


touring version made for the Italian BMW dealers: in Sterling Silver metallic or Black (17/XX); with a silver top shift knob insert placed by the dealer and inscribed "Elekta"; each car beared the edition number; shadowline trim,
M5 cabrio 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   1989   only a prototype has been made a prototype produced by M-Sport Division
M3 Coupe / second generation of M3 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 282, later 316hp;

US: 240hp

1994-1998 E36 - 8 M 45 777  all versions (incl. coupe and sedan) two engine versions were build : 1992-1995 3.0 l engine with 5 speed transmission, 1996-1999 3.3 l engine with 6 speed transmission; second evolution of the car had also Cornering Brakes Control
M3 Sedan 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 282hp;

US: 240hp



E 36   ca 100 kilograms heavier than coupe

see M3 Evo sedan

M3 Cabrio 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   1997-1999 E 36 - 7 M    
M3 Lightweight (CSL Coupé Sport Leichtbau or M3 LTW) 230,1 km/h (143 m/ph) 249 hp 1995 E36 ca. 120 cars  LHD  only; (116 cars?) Coupé Sports Lightweight; 96 kilograms (200lb) lighter than other M3, in Alpine White II with M3 GT elements
M3 Canadian Limited Edition     1994 E36 45 Euro-Spec cars admitted to Canada individually numbered, with a daytime running lights and a third brake light, initial price was $59,900,-
M3 GT Coupe 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 323hp December 1994 preproduction: 6 cars, production: Febr. 1995-June 1995 E36             

356 cars  + 50 cars RHD for the UK


in British Racing Green;  based on the 3.0l M3; chassis numbers start at EA40001; original price was 91 900,- DM
M3 Evolution


  316hp 1994-1999 E36    
M3 Evolution Sedan   316hp 1996-1998 E36    
M3 Evolution Cabrio   316hp 1997-1999 E 36    
M3-GT - R       E36   race version
M3 Imola Individual - M3 GT2 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   1998 -1999 E36 200 cars + 50 UK cars M3 GT2 iin Imola Red with black interior
M3 R   240 kW-322 hp 1994-1995 E36 15  cars - racing version for BMW Australia (RHD) fitted in Australia by Frank Gardiner Racing to race in Australian Super Production, fitted with a roll cage by Dencar, 11 sold by BMW Australia, 4 remained with Gardiner, today most of these cars were rebuilt back into the street car
M8 - a not completed prototype - 550 hp, 6L, V12 1994-1995?   0 built - the car which never existed,  a prototype of M8 which never made it to the road  there was an attempt to build an engine for M8 derived from S70 as well as there was a basic prototype built, the one on the photo has no headlights; in summer of 2010 a complete prototype with 12V engine full of caebon part has been shown to the public
M3 Compact   250 km/h (155mph; limited)

0-100km/h: 5,2 sec.


321 1996 E36 - 5 1 (just one car built  in Bright Red as a gift  for 50th Jubilee of the German Auto, Motor und Sport magazine)- other existing M3 Compact cars are likely converted from Compact 323ti in Bright Red,  fitted: standard M3 engine; M-tuned suspension, M3-spec brakes , quad-tip exhaust; black interior and Recaro seats
Z3 M Roadster 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 321 from March 1997-2002 E36/7

 15 322 (includes M Coupé)

US built, designed by Joji Ngashima
M Coupé 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 321 April 1998- May 2002 E37 LHD/S50 engine: 2178; LHD/S54:281; RHD/S50:821; RHD/S54: 168; LHD/US/S52:2180; LHD/US/S54:690   US built; based upon Z3M Roadster, chassis made more rigid for better handling
M5/third generation of M5 250 km/h (155mph; limited)

0-100km/h: 5,3 sec.

400; V8; electronic fuel control of individual butterflies from Sept 1998 E39

20 482

price: 140 000 DM
M3 /third generation of M3 250 km/h (155mph; limited); when delimited 298 km/h (185 mph) 343 from Oct. 2000-2006 E46 Coupe and Cabrio

at first in Laguna Seca Blue color

E46 M3 US when delimited: 176 mph (283 km/h) 333 hp   E46 Coupe and Cabrio slower than an EU M3 because of an additional catalytic converter
M3 GTR   444 hp (street version 380hp) from 4L V8 Febr. 2001- E46 10 V8 racing car which exists also in a street version without racing markings, in one color including the rear wing
M3 CSL (from Coupé Sport Leichtbau) 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 360hp June-December 2003 E46 ca. 1400 light version: carbon fiber roof, SMG II sequential manual gearbox
M3 Competition Package     from Dec. 2003  



as M3 CS (Club Sport)  RHD in the UK elements from CSL used in the 4000,- $ package to upgrade regular M3  always in Interlagos Blue and cube aluminum interior trim
M5 /fourth generation 250 km/h (155mph; limited)

0-100 km/h - 4,7 sec.

5.0L V10, 500hp; 6 speed manual or 7 speed Getrag SMG III (semi-automatic gearbox) 2005-2010 E60, E61 19 522 sedans

1 025 touring estates

in total 3 372 cars RHD;

first M5 with an iDrive

Z4M  Roadster/second generation 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 3.2 L S54 inline-6 2006-2008 E85   US built designed by Anders Warming


Z4 M Coupe/second generation 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 3.2 L S54 inline-6 2006-2008 E85   as Z4M with a fixed roof
Z4M Coupe Racing/third generation of Z4   6 cylinder in line
3246 cc; 2 chain driven overhead camshafts with variable valve timing; Electronic Throttle Control
2011 - E89    
M6 250 km/h (155mph; limited); when limiter removed:330 km/h (205 mph) 507 hp V10 2005 - 2010   9,087 units of the Coupé    


M6 Cabrio 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 507 hp V10 2007 - 2010 E64 5,065 of convertible convertible, shown 2006
M6 Cabrio Limited Edition - Neiman Marcus 250 km/h (155mph; limited) 507 hp V10 offered Christmas 2006


E64 50 made Ruby Black with Piano Black trim elements; from page 97 of the 2006 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book- $139,000
M3 /fourth generation


250 km/h (155mph; limited)   2007 - E90


 aluminum bonnet , plastic front wings; six gears manual or 7 gears M-DCT, sedan and cabrio have slower acceleration than coupe,  4 door sedan with coupe's front end, including headlights, coupe  with carbon fiber roof
M3 Coupe 259 km/h (161mph; limited, indicated on the car's meter as lower speed of 249 km/h) 420hp@8300rpm E92 coupe
M3 Cabrio 250 km/h (155mph; limited)   E93 cabrio
M3  V10


 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds; top speed of 324 km/h : 550 hp V10 5.0 liter from the M5 2009 - E91 touring estate by Manhart Racing, Germany based upon M3 sedan (E90)



  485 bhp, 4l eight cylinder engine 2008 E92   racing version presented at the Chicago Auto Show 2008
M3 GT4     2009, on sale in Europe E92   first time presented at 24-hour race on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife on 23rd/24th May 2009, price: €120,000
M3 GTS 305 km/h 4.4-litre V8


shown Nov. 2009, deliveries from May 2010 - March 2011 E92 limited edition of 150 largely hand-built for Clubsport racing with a rollcage fitted behind the B-pillar, price: €115,000 (US$170 614); landing gear adapted from GT4 to the street traffic
M3 Competition   4.4-litre V8 shown January 2010 E92   a car lowered and on 19" wheels with greater offset
M3 Frozen Grey Coupe 259 km/h (161mph; limited, indicated on the car's meter as lower speed of 249 km/h) 4.4-litre V8,

414 hp

orders from June 21, 2010,

model of 2011

E92 30 - limited edition made on 25th Anni of M3 in Frozen Grey Metallic: Space Grey Metallic with matte clear coat (FF95-0550), Novillo red leather interior; Competition Package  as standard; $77,600 list price
M3 Track Edition 280 km/h  - no limiter 4.4-litre V8 April of  2011 E 92 10 - limited edition 10 cars in Frozen Grey Metallic and black grille; black wheels, 10 millimeters lower; carbon rear spoiler; only for the Dutch Market in Spring of 2011(for Auto RAI); price euro 128, 470
M3 CRT 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. 290 km/h (180mph) M3 GTS engine with 450 hp; 7-speed M double clutch with Drivelogic July 2011 E92 67 cars CRT- Carbon Racing Technology lightweight car; Frozen Polar Silver netalic paint with Melbourne Red accents

Price; € 130 000,-

M3 Silver Bullet

Show car

as regular M3 as regular M3 Oct. 2011 E92 1 a show car with the body covered with chrome-like frozen silver decal kit
M3 DTM from 0 to 100 km/h approx. 3 seconds; top speed of approx. 300 km/h. V8  4 Liter engine with an air restrictor; 480 bhp.  planned 2012, shown July 2011 E92   here shown with DTM Package, built according to 2012 DTM rules
2012 M3 Competition Edition acceleration 0-60mph  - 4.5 sec. 4.0-liter, 414-hp M V8 with BMW’s M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) announced on November 4, 2011 E92 edition of 40 issued for the 40th anni of the M division; in frozen silver metallic, interior black Extended Novillo leather with silver accents; iPhone integration; price $81,060
X5 M   V8 bi-turbo, 555 HP 2009 E 70   on sale
X6 M   4,4 L twin-turbo 2009 E 71   on sale -  Sept. 2009

$88 900,-

5 series

M Sport

250 km/h (155mph; limited) different engines, also diesel, 6  gears 2009 - E60, E61 4 door sedan, 5 door touring version the following models exist: 520d M Sport , 523i M Sport, 525d M Sport, 525i M Sport, 530d M Sport
M6 Competition 250 km/h (155mph; limited); when limiter removed:330 km/h (205 mph) 507 hp V10 as in other M6; lower suspension: 10mm lower at the front, 12 mm lower at the rear 2009 - E64 limited edition of 100 cars   first shown in Frankfurt in Sept. 2009; in Frozen Grey Metallic - Space Grey Metallic with matte clear coat (FF95-0550)
BMW Z4 GT3   480 HP, 4 liter V8, total weight 1200 kg 2010 -     Racer version produced by BMW Motorsport Division

price $402,488

M5 fifth generation top speed limited to 250 km/h (155 mph),   305 km/h (190 mph) with optional M-Drivers-Package S63 twin turbo 4,4 L, (4395cc) with the compression 1:10; 555 hp 2012 -; in the USA summer of 2012 F10  four door sedan price starts at  €102, 700
M550d xDrive 0 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds N57 diesel engine: 3.0 liter tri-turbo engine 381hp 2012 -  F11 touring ? traditionally called Allrad or an X
1M - one series M car 250 km/h (155mph; limited) upgraded N55 engine: so called twin power-turbo (two streams in one housing) R6, 340 HP, LSD (limited slip differential) 2011 - E82 coupe, 2700 cars planned six piston ceramic brake discs, carbon fiber element; manual gearbox only; in Alpine White, Sapphire Black , Valencia Orange, from May 2011 for $47,010



250 km/h (155mph; limited); 0-62mph in 5.1sec (4.9sec with the 8-speed automatic), straight six with a single twin scroll turbo, 316 hp 2012 - F20 3 door hatchback on sale, in England: £29,995
M6 Coupe   twin turbo 4,4 L, V8, 560 hp 2012- F12 coupe    

settings possible: sporty - "M1" button and a track focused  (with all driver aids shut off) - "M2" button; 19" M light-alloy wheels; price from $106,995


M6 Coupe Competition Limited? ? 5.0 liter V10 engine; 507hp ?  plans announced F12 coupe ? not shown yet
M6 Cabrio   4.4-liter bi-turbo V8; 560-hp (412kW) 2012 - F13 convertible  
M3 fifth generation   3.3L straight six ( inline), 450 hp dual-clutch transmission, electronically controlled differential 2013 - F80 4 door sedan in testing; built from steel and ultra-light carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP)

M6 Gran Coupe


  4.4-liter bi-turbo V8; 560-hp (412kW) 2013 -   4 door coupe in testing: carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof
M4 Coupe   3.3L straight six ( inline), 450 hp dual-clutch transmission, electronically controlled differential 2014 - F82 2 door coupe and cabrio (convertible) in testing, will replace M3 series coupe and cabrio; sedan naming unclear - see above, carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof (CFRP)



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