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For the past eighty four years, BMW made many fantastic cars.  Here is the list of all BMW models and the years they have been produced.

The era of BMW has been divided into periods depending on time they were produced. The i brand of the BMW is represented.


BMW has given to all its modern cars as well as to all its motors different letter and number codes. The same BMW car chassis may have different motors and the identical motor may be built into many different cars. No other carmaker makes so many versions of the identical looking car to match the needs of its clients.




In May of 1972 BMW has established a special division called Motorsports GmbH often also called M-Technik to support drivers racing on BMW cars. Since then, changes in several BMW cars were introduced in suspension, transmission, engine, chassis and styling. Sometimes a completely new BMW M-car has been created using only main elements of chassis of its predecessor.


While Alpina is a  separate production entity, the company since its beginnings, works closely with BMW producing tuned ultimate performance versions of the BMW  cars in a truly luxurious edition. All Alpinas are surrounded by great admiration. They are truly the dream cars of every BMW fan.




For decades, BMW designs drew controversies, being always ahead of its time. While not always a commercial success, BMW cars were seen as pieces of art and people who created them were recognized as the world's most interesting designers. Traditionally hiring foreign designers, mostly Italian and French, in XXI century BMW drew to its ranks designers from all over the world with several very talented women among them as well as exciting young German automotive designers.


The BMW logo emblem history. The blue and white round BMW logo has almost 100 years. Inspired by the traditional flag of Bavaria and originally intended as a graphic representation of the fast turning airplane propeller, the BMW roundel is today a symbol of joy of driving. 


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BMW cars are objects of love for thousands of engineers all over the world. Many companies are trying to improve BMW cars performances and change the original BMW styling by bringing the new ideas. All these wonderful cars have one in common – through their tuning they never make the driver bored.


The BMW cars are renowned for their quality. When the rare moment of the part replacement approaches, consider buying an original BMW part removed from another BMW vehicle. These BMW parts traditionally cost half of the new replacement part price. We list the suppliers of original, used BMW parts in Europe and America. The address for the new parts is all over the world the same – the BMW dealer.


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BMW pioneered the idea of artists transforming cars in their own, individual way. Famous pop artists as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as modern art classics as Alexander Calder and modern, fashionable artists as David Hockney, redesigned existing BMW cars. Today the BMW art cars are the rare museum objects -  artifacts which ask for speed.  



BMW kidney shape radiator cover - called often 'BMW grille', is since 1932 one of the constant characteristics of the brand. Its evolution shows development and continuity of design.


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