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BMW Alpina Cars

Alpina started from selling tuning kits for existing cars of different brands (in 1961) and within a little more than a year -  exclusively for BMW cars. Today, as a result of constant support and collaboration with the mother company, Alpina has become the most important addition to the BMW production range. Alpina cars are luxurious BMW's tuned to be still faster, with limiters removed. As a result you receive a comfortable convertible like Alpina B6S going no less than 313 km/h (195 miles p. hour). We love these cars.

»  All BMW Alpina cars:









 it is commonly accepted that a BMW 1500 from 1962 has been the first Alpina tuned car but there were also cars of other brands tuned;



next year - in 1963, Burkard Bovensiepen, son of Dr. Rudolf Bovensiepen (founder of Alpina office machines firm) developed a tuning kit with dual Weber carburetors, which dramatically improved performances of then very popular in Germany BMW 1500, the kit price was 980 DM; later the kit for BMW 1800 has been also issued;

Alpina Cars firm has been officially established on January 1, 1965 and since Alpina tuning kits were certified by BMW therefore they were not making the BMW factory guarantee invalid

<< Alpina typewriter from ca. 1957 (photo from Typewriters  Illustrated Encyclopedia)  << Alpina kit for the BMW 1500 in a box <<< tuned BMW 1500 in action <<<<Alpina engine head in BMW 1500 - 1964



     BMW 1600 ALPINA   

                the Alpina tuned BMW 1600

 < the kit  << the motor after improvement (picture from http://www.bmw-02-club.de )



1967 - 1972

        BMW 1600-2 ALPINA           

 the Alpina tuned BMW 1600-2 was the  first car badged as Alpina, it  had a 2L engine from BMW 2000ti, with two Weber carburetors resulting in 165 hp, the car also had a 12V electric system (1600 had still a 6V) and ventilated disc brakes



      BMW 2000 Alpina, BMW 2000ti ALPINA

 BMW 1800ti and 2000ti cars were often tuned with Alpina kits by private enthusiasts of  the car racing.

< Alpina tuning options for BMW 2000ti from 1966 (picture from: http://www.bmw1800ti.writernetwork.com) <<BMW 1800ti tuned, now with 12V electric system (picture from http://www.bmw-02-club.de ) <<<US evaluation sheet - Alpina 1600/  Alpina 2000




   sedan BMW 1800 Alpina has been a street car with sharp performances


 1972 -1977


   Coupé  based upon BMW 1802



ALPINA 2002 (A2)

Coupé  and touring, based upon BMW 2002 - so called Typ A2, inline 4 cyl. engine, 223 hp



ALPINA 2002 racing car (A3)

Typ A3 - faster and more expensive street racing version based upon BMW 2002



    ALPINA 2002 tii (A4)

   sedan and touring version based upon 2002 tii (Typ A4) and as a racing car (Alpina 2002 Renntourenwagen), inline 4 cyl. engine, different versions




Two-door sedan and three-door touring version based upon BMW 2002tii, ca. 200hp






so called Typ B1 based upon BMW 2800 with an Alpina 2800 engine, 205 PS, 0-100 km/h in 8 sec., top speed 215 km/h





so called Typ B2, , based upon E9 Coupé , 215 hp and 250 hp 3L motor, max speed 220 km/h


press cut from www.alpinabmw2002.com; engine picture from www.thealpinaregister.com





based upon BMW E9,  3.5 L engine

pictures from www.thealpinaregister.com




 ALPINA 3.0 CSL, 3.0 CSL B2S

 exists in several different editions, usually a stripe along the car says  3.0 CSL ; read more at M5board; sometimes also called Typ B2S

sometimes just 2 or 3 cars were made of one edition, in total ca 80 cars, last two or three cars in 1975



ALPINA 3.0 CSL Racing Car, 3.5  CSL Racing Car

magazine cover  from www.alpinabmw2002.com




so called "Bayerischer Bastard", sedan based on the BMW E12 BMW 520 - tuning kits A4 were sold for the production ready BMW 520 with inline 4 engine, the car was usually in golf yellow color with black Alpina stripes, but often without spoilers and Alpina stripes like a regular 520




Sedan based on the BMW E12, BMW 528; 230 hp, max speed 230 km/h




Sedan based on the BMW E12, BMW 525

max. speed 209 km/h - 130 mph

<Alpina E12 B5 and its engine (?)




Sedan based on the BMW E12, BMW 528;, no Alpina badge at the rear; 165 bhp; 212 km/h

<Alpina E12 B6 and its engine - pictures of engine from: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Classic-and-Vintage-BMW-Enthusiasts


1977 - 1980?

Alpina B8, B9S

based upon BMW 528; 3.2 liter; 240hp; Bilstein suspension; ventilated disks front and rear
5-speed gearbox

according to some sources - two cars B9S built on the E12 chassis, the rest of the series on E28 >see below




Sedan based on the BMW E12 528;  3 L engine, 5 speed manual gearbox,  300hp,  top speed 250 km/h - 155 mph

149 made



1981 -1982


Sedan based on the BMW E12 528i - for several years the fastest existing sedan on Earth, 3,5 L engine, 330 hp, 5 speed manual gearbox, top speed 262 km/h - 163 mph

60 cars made



 1975 - 1977

ALPINA A1/3, A2/3

two door sedan based on the BMW E21 3 series 320 with double Weber carburetors and 320i; 125 hp fro the A1/3; 155 hp for the A2/3


<an engine from A1/3 (picture from http://www.alpinabmw2002.com )


 1976 -1977

ALPINA A4/3, A4S/3

two door sedan based on the BMW E21 3 series 320 with double Weber carburetors and 320i; 160 hp for a A4/3 and 170 hp or even 190hp for an "S" version

A3 and A5 were export versions engines

<Alpina A4S/3 and an engine of A4/3 (picture from http://www.alpinabmw2002.com )


November  1978-January 1983

ALPINA  B2, B2S, B3, B4, B6 2.8

 two door sedan based upon BMW E21 323i, B6 2.8 had 200hp engine

B6 2.8: 533 cars built in two versions (324, 209)

                   << engine from B6 2,8


 April 1980 -July 1983



two door sedan based on the BMW E21 3 series, 533 cars were built, engine from 528i, 5 speed Getrag gearbox , from 0 to 100 km/h in 6 sec, top speed 225km/h

462 cars built





Sedan based on the BMW E28, 340 hp - 360 hp (no cat) 3.5L engine,

edition of cars numbered up to 278





Sedan based on the BMW E28

500 made (66 RHD)





Sedan based on the BMW E28

the engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com



ALPINA B7 Turbo Coupé,  B7S Turbo  Coupé, B7 Turbo Coupé/1

Coupé  based on the BMW E24 630 CSi (B7 Turbo Coupé ) and CSi 635 (B7S and B7 Turbo Coupé  /1

B7 Turbo Coupé : 153 cars; B7S Turbo Coupé : 30 cars; B7 Turbo Coupé / 1: 20 cars cars



1982- 1985

ALPINA B9 3.5 Coupé, B9 3.5 Coupé/1

usually called B9 3.5 Coupé /1 to differentiate from B9 3.5 built on an older six series chassis; based on the BMW 635 CSi; 245 hp

75 cars of the type B9 cars were built (including only 2 cars on an old E24 chassis built in 1982)

the engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com



ALPINA B10 3.5 Coupé

Coupé based on the BMW E24/1 635 CSi, 245 hp, 0-100 km/h 6,7 sec., top speed 240 km/h - 150 mph; 261 hp for Alpina B10S

44 cars  - B10 on E24 chassis




BMW SA 333i

Two-door sedan by Alpina based upon BMW E30, 3.3L engine, ABS, ca 200hp, 204 cars built; the cars were badged as BMW 333i with Alpina badge on wheels, Alpina letters on the turbo and BMW on engine cover

< BMW SA 333i - the picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com




ALPINA C1 2.3, 2.3/1, 2.5

Two-door sedan based upon E30 323i and 325i

C1 2,3 -  462 made. C1 2.3/1 -  30 made, C1 2.5 - 50 made



ALPINA C2  2.5, 2.7, 2.7 kat

Two-door sedan and cabrio based upon E30 also 4WD

C2 2.5 - 74 made, C2 2.7 108 made, C2 2.7 kat - 52 made


1984-  1986

ALPINA B6 2.8/1

Alpina B6 2.8/1 - BMW E30 two door sedan based upon 323i and 325i; 210 hp, Girling brakes at the front; top speed 230 km/h

259 made

 < the car picture is from www.bmwinfo.com - an engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com




BMW E30 two door sedan, 4 door, touring and cabrio, also 4WD;  RHD for Japan; 210 hp;




Two-door and four door sedan based upon E30 325i, also touring and cabrio versions, also 4WD version;  based upon BMW 325i, 2,7 L Kat engine, 204 hp,


257 made


  1985-    1990

 ALPINA B6 3.5

 BMW E30 two and four door sedan based upon 323i and 325i; 6 cyl. engine, 217 hp

in total 219 cars produced in three different versions (92, 40, 87)




Two-door sedan based upon BMW E30 with M3 chassis: the same 6 cyl. engine as in B6 3.5,; 254 hp

62 cars produced




Two-door racing car based upon BMW E30 M3




ALPINA B3.5, ALPINA B9 3.5, ALPINA B11 3.5

Sedan based on the BMW E32,  different versions and differently badged cars badged cars

332 cars built in 3.5 version


1993-1994 -

ALPINA B11 4.0

Sedan based on the BMW E32

 the engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com

7 cars built






ALPINA B12 5.0

Sedan based on the BMW E32 750iL - long wheel based, ca 300 built, V12 engine, 350 hp, 0-100 km/h in 8 sec., max speed (limited) - 250 km/h - 155 mph

305 cars built


March 1989-March 1994 

ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo

based upon BMW E34 535i, 507 cars were built; introduced in Geneva Auto Show in 1989,  original price: 146 800 DM;  today on the market for ca. € 10 000,-;  from 0 to 200kn/h in 19 sec., top speed  290 km/h, owners measured speed is 320 km/h 

< B10 Bi Turbo; it usually has a wing at the rear << the B10 Bi-turbo engine bay, its look has changed in later models

507 cars built



1988 -1992

 ALPINA B10 3.5

BMW E34  chassis, straight 6  M60 engine, 254 hp, Switchtronic automatic gearbox,  top speed 255 km/h -158 mph


572 cars made

  < B10 3.5


  April 1993-August 1995

ALPINA B10 4.0

sedan and touring based on BMW E34  chassis, V8 engine, 315 hp, Switchtronic automatic gearbox, top speed 265 km/h -164 mph


49 cars made


April 1993-August 1995

ALPINA B10 4.6

BMW E34  chassis,  V8 engine, 340 hp, top speed 275 km/h - 170 mph

 55 cars made


1993-1995 (sedan)

1993-1996 (touring)

ALPINA B10 3.0 Allrad

 4WD  sedan and touring based upon BMW E34 525ix, straight 6 M60 engine 3.0 L, 240 hp,  traction control, manual Getrag 5-speed gearbox, 268 km/h - 167 mph

64 sedan cars made, 60 touring cars made


1990 -1991


       Roadster Limited Edition, based upon BMW Z1, 2.7L engine, 200hp

66 were built




Sedan based on the BMW E36, power 206 hp,



 1993 - 1999  

ALPINA B3  3,0   3,2

Coupé , cabrio and touring based on the BMW E36, 3.0L engine 250 hp, from 1996: 3,2 L  321 hp, (also 3,3 L?)                        


 1991 -

ALPINA B6 2,8/2

Coupé , cabrio and touring based on the BMW E36




 1991 - 5.0



ALPINA B12 5.0 Coupé

Coupé  based upon BMW 850 (E31), first version, 350 hp


1992-1996 - 5.7 ALPINA B12 5.7 & 5.7 kat Coupé

Coupé  based upon BMW 850 (E31) later model, 416hp,




Based on the BMW E36 3 series,, it existed in sedan, Coupé , cabrio and touring editions (27 touring cars were made), V8  32 valves engine from 540i but with another, bigger block especially made for Alpina by BMW, 333 hp, top speed 175 mph


 231 built plus 4 cars detuned for Japan

1996-2003 sedan

1999-2003  touring


ALPINA D10 Bi-Turbo

Sedan/Touring 3.0  Bi-Turbo Diesel based upon BMW E39, some cars badged as Alpina D10




1997 -2003 


Sedan (Limousine) and Touring (estate) based upon BMW E39; V8 M62 engine transformed from 540i to 4,6 L capacity with Alpina new block and  crankshafts, top speed 174 mph


 2002 -


Sedan (Limousine) and Touring (estate) based upon BMW E39, Like a V8 version but with a 4,8 L engine and more power, top speed 177 mph (170 for touring)

the engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com


  1995-1999 - 5.7



ALPINA B12 5.7  E-cat  & 6.0  E-cat 

Limousine based upon 750iL.  E38, 5,7 l V12 engine, 378hp, 5 speed Switchtronic, top speed  280 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 6,4 sec



ALPINA Roadster V8

Based upon BMW Z8, the only Alpina which is actually slower than its BMW basic production model,

555 were made - 450 sold in the US (first Alpina officially imported to the US)



1999 -2002

ALPINA B3 3.2, B3 3.3

3.2 was a concept of the sedan based upon BMW E46, 3.3 was the Alpina B3 E46 production car as sedan, Coupé  and cabrio, with 280@6100, torque: 247@4300, top speed 165 mph  - so called 'bargain edition' (DM 88500 for sedan) , 280 hp/6100 rpm, from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,6 sec (6,2 for Switchtronic), top speed 261 km/h




Based upon BMW E46, sedan, Coupé  and touring ; improved 3346 cm3 V8 engine, max speed sedan 266 km/h, - 165 mph, Coupé  271 km/h - 168 mph



2004 - 2008

ALPINA Roadster S

Based upon BMW Z4. with 3.4 L engine straight 6 hand built in Buchloe, Germany,  300hp, Lux and Non-Lux versions; top speed 165 mph



US version started 2006


Limousine (sedan) based on the BMW E65 7-Series - featuring a 4.4-litre V8 Supercharged; 500 PS/700 NM, 300 km/h - it is also the only ALPINA on sale in America, it exists in two versions: Limousine (0-100 km/h in 4,9 sec) and Long Limousine (0-100 km/h in 5,1 sec).



 2005 - 2010


Sedan/Touring: based on the BMW E60/E61 5 Series

the engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com


2007 -


Sedan/Touring: based on the BMW E60/E61 5 Series - featuring a 4.4 L V8 supercharged 530hp /725 NM, top speed 317 km/h - 197 mph (touring 313 km/h - 194 mph), from 0 to 100 km/h - 5,9 sec


 2007 - 2010

ALPINA B3 Bi-Turbo

 Bi-Turbo Sedan / Coupé  and Cabrio: based on the BMW 3 series E90(sedan) , E91, E92 (Coupe) 335i; 360 hp; also 4 WD Allrad, max speed: sedan  and Coupé  285 km/h, 4 WD sedan and Coupé : top speed 280 km/h - 173 mph

the engine picture is from www.thealpinaregister.com


 2007 - 2010


Coupé/Cabriolet: based on the BMW 6 Series E63 and E64- featuring a 4.4 L V8 supercharged 530 PS/725 NM, max speed 318 km/h, cabrio top speed  313 km/h - 194 mph



     ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo

sedan, touring and Cope based on BMW  E90, E91, E92; diesel engine, 214 hp, max speed sedan and Coupé : top speed 244 km/h (touring 241 km/h) - 151 mph (touring 150 mph) also Switchtronic

engine picture from www.alpina-automobiles.com



February 2009 -


Racing car: carbon body elements, additional cooling devices, fast refueling system, 120 L fuel tank, 6 gears X-trac gearbox, Alpina 4,4L engine, 530 hp, 0-100km/h  in 3,9 sec., top speed  280 km/h - 174 mph


March 2009 -


Limousine and Long Limousine based upon the new BMW 7 series, for the first time shown at Geneva Motor Show in March of 2009, weight 2040 kg, 6 gears Switch-Tronic gearbox, wheels 21 inch, Alpina 4,4L engine,  Bi-Turbo, 507 hp, Super Plus fuel,0-100km/h  in 4,7 sec., top speed  300 km/h; since 2010 also a 4WD version Allrad


 2010 -

ALPINA B3S Bi-Turbo 15

 a reduced fuel consumption and emissions version of Alpina 3B Bi-Turbo: Bi-Turbo Sedan / Coupé  and Cabrio: based on the BMW E90 335i; 294kW/400 hp; sedan and Coupé  also 4 WD Allrad, max speed: 300 km/h, 4 WD sedan and Coupé : top speed 285 km/h - 177 mph

engine picture from www.alpina-automobiles.com



2011 -

ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo

sedan and touring based on the new F10 and F11 (touring) 5-Series, first time shown in July of 2010 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, V8  N63 engine which is also used in the ALPINA B7 - 507hp; maximum torque of 700 Nm., 8 speed automatic gear box, max speed (limited) 300 km/h - 191 mph; 100km/h in  4.7 seconds, fuel economy: 10.8 l/100km (road: 7,9 l/100 km), CO2 emissions: 252 g/km

in March 2012 on Geneva Motor Show: an improved IInd version has been shown with engine pushed up to 450hp; from  0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds (0.4 seconds faster than Ist version); top speed 320 km/h - 198,8 mp/h





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